Financial Technology

Financial Platforms for Emerging Markets

Citedd unique and innovative business approach provides smart contract solutions within the financial industry. Citedd will provide financial technology solutions for your business. We use technology to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. We give you a leveled playing field with big banks and financial institutions.


Smart Contracts as a Solution

Citedd allows you to use smart contracts as a solution to automate the delivery of services, eliminating the need for costly middlemen. Also, all transactions are handled by smart contracts on the blockchain, meaning they are transparent and secure at all times. There is no way to manipulate any aspect of a transaction through Citedd because it is all coded in advance.

Adaptable Interface

Another component of our Financial Technology Solutions is our easy-to-use platform for businesses of all sizes.

Businesses of all sizes interface with their local currency markets and other players in their ecosystem. This means everything from payments, transfers, and settlements can be done with one system that has been designed specifically for businesses by smart contract specialists. We aim to become a market leader in the delivery of financial technology solutions globally.

Through our research and development, we have created systems that allow us to reduce the costs of financial services, whilst improving the customer experience.

Improved Customer Experience

Citedd provides a platform to carry out transactions that is fast, simple, and secure. We also provide alternative financing options for small businesses, which enables them to gain access to credit finance when they normally would not be able to get loans from banks or other financial institutions.

We are constantly innovating to bring faster, more efficient, and cost-effective products to market. We invest in our people, our systems, and our facilities to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our customers.

Efficient Payment System

The financial services industry is being challenged by high operational costs, increased regulations, and outdated infrastructure. Innovative technology can be applied to help reduce the cost and friction of doing business, making blockchain a natural solution for those looking for greater efficiencies in their payment systems.

Integrated Technology

Creating a decentralized marketplace will increase trust and transparency among businesses with their ecosystem. The benefits of integrated technology are endless for the business community, which includes but is not limited to Decreased costs through automation of tasks through smart contracts; decreased likelihood of hacking attacks, and a better approach to resolving transactional conflicts.

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