International Business Advisory

Executive Sponsors & Advisors

Our client base consists of companies who need help aligning their business goals with a global vision. With our clients spread out all over the globe, Citedd’s team of advisors is here to hold your hand along the way. In working with Citedd, you gain from our wealth of knowledge on international trade, procedures, and policies.


Scaling globally

Tailoring the services we offer to meet each client’s specific needs, we provide the guidance and support that enables businesses to connect with partners and customers across the globe. From start-ups to established businesses, nonprofits to corporations, our clients depend on us for expert counsel in structuring their business relationships to ensure maximum success in reaching their goals.

Corporate and Strategic Plans

We offer advisory services for international businesses. We help you with your business corporate and strategic plans.

International business is a very complex area for many organizations and individuals. We offer various services related to international business.

International business planning is a process that establishes direction, focus, and commitment for the future of a business.

International Business Services

Services related to international business

  • Development of international business strategy
  • Development of market entry plan
  • Development of marketing plan
  • Marketing research (focus groups)
  • Technical assistance in setting up production in other countries
  • Foreign investment evaluation

Additionally, we provide advisory services for business structure optimization, including:

  • Strategic development
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Business operations review

Risk Evaluation

We work hard to ensure that your business plan reflects the most up-to-date market and financial conditions as it relates to the international marketplace. We will help you determine realistic sales and profit goals, identify potential funding sources, and evaluate risk factors so that you can develop a comprehensive plan that will lead to success and growth.

A dedicated team

Our team is composed of experienced specialists who have considerable experience in developing business strategies and plans for our clients. We are ready to develop a unique strategy and plan for your organization based on the specific features of its activity.


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